Shutters (another oldie)



The apparent confinement, revealing
one’s body carried aloft,
or another’s, receding,

flows into the horizontal
and earns a new approach: torsos
divided and become

ornamental, forms varying so
as to relieve the eye, and
in the end, deceive.

In this place darkness blesses all.

This was the first of a series of twelve pieces written at a desk in front of a shuttered window. I was taken with how a simple adjustment of the slats affected perception – that what I saw was only a disjointed portion of what there was to see. The series originally appeared in the anthology Terra Firma.


8 thoughts on “Shutters (another oldie)

  1. Robert, I’m thrilled you liked your Willy Nilly Approval. I think your blog has an Aristocratic touch of blissful Awesomeness and appreciate you allowing me to drop by to enjoy your work. I look forward to more.


  2. My wife passed on to me this site; you visited her vegan recipes. I am really impressed with these poems. Thankyou. They bring a moment of peace into a very busy and stressful day. Tony


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