Shutters II: Another Oldie


This is the second of a series of twelve pieces written at a desk in front of a shuttered window. I was taken with how a simple adjustment of the slats affected perception – that what I saw was only a disjointed portion of what there was to see. The series originally appeared in the anthology Terra Firma. I posted the first of the series on April 19th:

Shutters II

Of them, children seem the least
affected, being closer to the earth’s
grasp. How they

double then recede with laughter,
little forms flitting by the embrasure
like unwary birds or small

dogs. They too arrive in innocence,
intent in that fragile moment of interest
and play, focus of another.

Still or moving, the eye captures them.


27 thoughts on “Shutters II: Another Oldie

  1. Would it be plagiarism to say “blissfully awesome”? So outside of stealing Willy Nilly’s line from the first in the series, can you share what inspired this experiment, and why twelve?


    • Ha! It’s quite simple (as am I) – my desk sat in front of a shuttered window, and I’m interested in perception, in the liminal, in the barely seen. Looking out through slats set at various angles led to interesting visuals. Ten was my original goal, but evidently I wasn’t done.


  2. Great theme! Twist the rod or pull the string the shutters move changing everything! Corny I know but your theme so apt for how we each live our lives – shuttered by perspective and perspective filtered by our shutters! Very interested to see how you develop this!


  3. Wow, I really liked your use of enjambment here! Thanks for visiting and liking my story on Aubade Rising!. Would you be interested in having some of your poetry published on the website?


    • Thank you, Jed. I spent a lovely week in the Fremantle/Perth area many years ago. Yes, of course, I’m interested in having some poetry published on your site. Please give me an idea of what you’re looking for, and I’ll try to find something that fits your needs. Thanks very much.


      • Thank you! I’ve sent you an invitation to be a contributor to Aubade Rising; this means that you’ll be able to create posts and ‘publish’ them. Once you click publish, the post will be sent to me for a brief check, then it’ll go live for real. In terms of what poems would be good, practically anything would fit, but please do bare in mind that they may be read by people as young as 12. Do you mind if I use the content on your ‘about’ page as description of you on Aubade Rising? If you’d prefer to use a different ‘about’ text just send it to me via this contact form: . Just another small note; being a contributor prevents you from uploading images into your post, so if you have an image that you would like to put in the post, send me the link to it. Thanks again, I really appreciate it! 🙂


  4. Wow! I loved this poem. It really struck a chord in me. I can’t explain it exactly but it reminds of when tragic events happen, kids, without being cruel, shrug it off, they keep laughing and playing and sometimes it seems as if these things don’t affect them. Really, wow. I loved it. My brother is a poet and your writing would be just up his alley so I’ll be sending him your page. Well done.


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