Shutters III (another oldie)


The third piece of a group of twelve written at a desk fronting shuttered windows. The series originally appeared in the anthology Terra Firma.

Shutters III

As they rise we see the change
in motion, abstractions returned
like wingless birds at the edge of a garden

where only shadows grow. Or, closing,
the declination provides a glimpse:
false densities, sudden

claims to the wind’s eye,
a stuttering at twilight,
the symptom of another mistaken turn.

Their lines, divided and concealed.


11 thoughts on “Shutters III (another oldie)

  1. “A stuttering at twilight”…that is perfect.

    (Could also be a great title for pretty much any kind of book. I could write a poem comprised entirely of examples of subtitles for a book entitled “A Stuttering at Twilight”…and ugly as it would be, it would still not distract or detract from what a great line it is in this poem.)


  2. Thanks, Jeff. I can see it now: A Stuttering at Twilight: or, the Linguist’s Dilemma Following the Tragic Occurrence Directly Preceding Sunset under the Pavilion of the Golden Tongue while under the Influence of Untold Quantities of Adult Beverages and the Insidious Captain Nocturne…

    I think you should do it. 🙂

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  3. i tried to focus on your poem, but the kids at the school next door are rehearsing for an outdoor concert that sounds more like a tribute to noise. . . okay, i got a chance to read it since they paused for a minute. very nice, sir. thanks also for liking my recent blog post.


  4. I love this art form of writing your poems-I can see the poet and the painter at work- the poet expresses in words, what the painter expresses with his brushes or the photographer with his camera…very creative! jjf


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