Shutters IV


The fourth in a series of twelve poems written at a shuttered window. Originally published in the anthology Terra Firma.

Shutters IV

Only in their upper extremities
may we find primacy,
blue being dominant and interspersed

with clouds, a map folded to join distant reaches.
But borders share more than edges. Their
shapes denote subtlety, the material

strength of reason and the untouchable,
an unmeasured practice brought to bear, like
depth of passion, or the concept of containment.

Width is merely a symptom of device.


16 thoughts on “Shutters IV

  1. Today my 3 yr old came to me and said that she no longer wants to be brown, but, she would like to be be blue now. I asked her jokingly, ‘Why out of the blue you want to be blue?’
    she answered, ’cause am from a purple planet.’ Moral of my anecdote: your poem brought back the simplicity of a child in the choice of words, yet profound, I like the concept and diversity…’But borders share more than edges’ Thank you! jjf


  2. robert…i am reminded of auden or maybe it was dylan who said that he only liked to read the poems he liked but in order to do that one must shift through the chaff to find the wheat!…i am not sure which i enjoy reading poetry or writing it but your work kindles my the fire in my quill…we poets either run together or alone as we speak in metaphors most readers do not understand…merci beaucoup mon frere ! …further up & further in…^^~~~~


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