Shutters V


The fifth of a series of twelve written at a shuttered window. Originally published in the anthology Terra Firma.

Shutters V

Corners coincide with
spheres, as from the corner of one’s
eye, or through the belt’s loop to its end.

And how, when I look through the window
may recognition delay the moment’s
gain? Water descends and the line begins moving,

always moving, for it is in motion that we express
the simplest desire, the closed hand in which light grows
when opened, the narrowest aperture laid bare.

The end, as always, chooses itself.


25 thoughts on “Shutters V

    • Thank you! I very much admire what you do – many years ago I considered entering the world of letterpress, but in the end realized that I lacked the requisite patience. Nowadays I may have the patience, but I lack the time. So it goes.


      • Thanks very much. And I understand well about lacking patience. I’m not given to that virtue, but for some strange reason what little bit I do have attends my work in letterpress printing and bookbinding. Feels like devotion, more than patience, really ~ to words, to language, to written beauty.

        I’m enjoying your poetic work very much.


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