Shutters VIII


The eighth of a series of twelve, originally published in the anthology Terra Firma.

Shutters VIII

Edges, rounded
and grown thick
as if to accentuate

the merit of flavor,
or to imply, beyond odor,
the sublingual text

of heat and degradation, the
eventual disposition attained
and perhaps forgotten.

Taste arrives, unannounced yet certain.


30 thoughts on “Shutters VIII

    • …My own mapping of this – influenced by both buddhism & spiral dynamics & kabbalah : is something like this: First tier of developmental consciouness, form, feeling, perceptions, concepts consciousness (culturally embedded) ; Second tier of konsciousness (culturally transcendent or transfigurative), images or symbols or archetypes, sensations or tastes as in that is sweet & sour, reflections as in not what is it but what does it mean or signify (semiotics) processes as in nouns dissolve into verbs, konsciousness as fluidity or continuously integrating the past into the future in the dynamic presence of Love refining love as in all apples are genetically encoded into every apple seed! ^^~~~~


      • Perception, archetypes, semiotics, the subconscious, are intrinsic to my approach, but probably as an imbedded part of the process rather than conscious choice. Interesting that you would bring these up.


        • …since there are integral to my own art (spiritual path & practice) i recognize them in your art immediately…we have much common ground beneath us…there is much word candy around, but there is depth in your writing that too strive for and clarity…ten white beads is probably the work that is most stylistically similar to yours…i have been writing since i was 4 so i have little attachment to a consistent style or modality…know that your words are always reward this reader with astonishment the joy of fresh insight into familiar things! gassho! ^^~~~~


  1. Very nice! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog a while back. I can’t get on as often as I’d like, but I’m sure that you had to chuckle at my writing… LOL. Well, mine isn’t really writing, in a different class than yours for sure. I’ll try to get back to read the ones preceding this one as you said it was a series, right? You are most talented. 😀


  2. My impression: a pungency, an ambiguity between taste as taste, or taste… this feeling of the decay, the materiality of the object, the surface that hides and reveals, the irreducible pressure of that which seems to touch both tongue as mind and mind as a taste of the cultural, the historical elements of composition and decomposition. In the end most satisfying! Brought me back to William Empson and his notions of ambiguity as a staging that can never be staged, yet in the very disposition of rhetoric enables a crossing of that threshold in which words and things touch…


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