Shutters IX


The ninth of a series of twelve, originally published in the anthology Terra Firma.

Shutters IX

Having no body to feed, the framework
claims a separate view, that of
passage, as in a delicate

vein, or sound trembling across the pond,
a languid flow so casual as to dissipate
unnoticed. The newest hour

replaces the last and so forth, leaving
the space unfilled, a house, roofless,
rain, desperate without water.

The incomplete, the structure of the void.


16 thoughts on “Shutters IX

  1. It makes me remember a French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, and his poem “le bateau ivre”. Do you know him ? Because of the sentences that don’t finished when the strophe ends.
    I don’t know how work poems, especially in English in which I can’t see undercover meanings. But I like this one and its sound.


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