In Praise of Gravity

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In Praise of Gravity

Which bestows weight
or slings me around
some other heavenly

body, a version of you
wondering whether
I’ll rise from my next

plummet, victim of
curvature and infinite
range held in place,

attractive in nature,
bent perhaps and
scarred, proud to have

survived but never wiser.
Cleansed, we continue
our orbit, our mirrored fall.



63 thoughts on “In Praise of Gravity

    • Too late to see the sculpture, Ron. It was crafted of green cheese, which was subsequently transformed into a magnificent roasted poblano mac and cheese and sent into orbit. Or something like that.


      • Oh, what a disappointment! But…was it made of green cheese? I thought it was the Moon that was made of green cheese. *g* No need to reply. I’ll look it up on Google. At any rate, the poem is exquisite…one of your top five in my opinion!


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  1. Beautiful! It is a tough call to make, but this is my favourite of all your poems I have read so far. Reminded me of the sense of wonder I felt watching a documentary (the name escapes me) on quantum physics that has great visuals to get the message across. Inspiration from the unseen natural world!

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  2. Was brought here to this post by Ms. Hoffman via Mr. Redford and what do I find?
    This brilliant homage to the force I still, long after the naming of my blog, find myself reckoning with.
    Or is it in reckoning,
    I find myself.
    Or still,
    I find myself finding myself.

    Thanks for putting be back in orbit where I belong and apologies for the over-sight of not having followed you sooner.

    See ya’ ’round….

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  3. I get the feeling that the “falling” is from broken hearts – from which we never learn and continue on and on and on – just waiting for the next. Or have I misread it? No body else seems to have made that connection…. Perhaps I am simply too love struck and so find it everywhere….

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  4. Ah, this one truly resonates with me. The irony, the beauty, the tragedy that really isn’t tragedy if you willingly succumb to it and value what’s found in its depths. There’s an unsettling balance here, and it is quite lovely. Love this on every level of interpretation

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