Memoir (Cento)


Memoir (Cento)

Your hands touched
everything. Will you

be a fountain
or a sea?

A woman sleeps next to me
on the earth. Now

nothing else keeps my eyes
in the cloud.

Each rock is news.

* * *
A cento is composed of lines from poems by other poets. This was first posted
in April, 2015, and originated from pieces in:

77 Poems, Alberto de Lacerda
Because the Sea is Black, Blaga Dimitrova
Body Rags, Galway Kinnell
Song of the Simple Truth, Julia de Burgos
Love Poems, Anne Sexton

For further information and examples of the form, you might peruse the Academy of American Poets site:

Schody ve věži v Olomouci

29 thoughts on “Memoir (Cento)

  1. Enjoyed your “Memoir” – for me the catch is in “nothing else keeps my eyes in the cloud” – presenting the quandary is this is desired or not so desired?
    I’m also captivated by the lower image – inside a lighthouse looking upward? Whatever it is actually, it also serves as visual metaphor for twisting lines from various sources into a cento … all those boards fitting together, anchored by sparse bits of cable and bolts. Lovely!

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  2. I will have to try a cento. A friend whose college aid package included working for Lick Observatory made a wonderful “found poem” from the titles of the research papers she was cataloging, not as hard as you would think considering they were about the universe and stars.

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    • Yes, try a cento! They’re fun and challenging. I always feel slightly guilty about them (as if I’m not actually writing), but to be honest they take as much or more time to produce as any other poem I write.


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