Which particular wind curls through this dream of mountains
and books left opened? One that flicks pages or shreds
leaves while caressing your cheek? Or another, damp
and limp from envy, barely ruffling the night’s
curtain? In your sleep I am none of these,
relegated instead to unseen tremors or
the chill rasp of sparked surprise, a
tune laid across an unmade bed
in spring, its notes cluttering
the score. Or might I be the
stilled motion, eyes closed
and held taut, creased as
if worn by a pocket’s
rub and frequent
unfolding? This
is your clock.
the lie.


“Night” first appeared here in May, 2015.


52 thoughts on “Night

  1. so, night began in 2015! (when will it end?) facetious thoughts. Envy or jealousy? too dark to say.Thank you & beautifully crafted ( as ever). Who did the picture? Saves my dozy ass from looking at the original (too sleepy-oh yeah…) please ignore these zany ramblings (or not)

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