Shutters II: Another Oldie


This is the second of a series of twelve pieces written at a desk in front of a shuttered window. I was taken with how a simple adjustment of the slats affected perception – that what I saw was only a disjointed portion of what there was to see. The series was originally published in the anthology Terra Firma, and made its first appearance on the blog in 2014.

Shutters II

Of them, children seem the least
affected, being closer to the earth’s
grasp. How they

double then recede with laughter,
little forms flitting by the embrasure
like unwary birds or small

dogs. They too arrive in innocence,
intent in that fragile moment of interest
and play, focus of another.

Still or moving, the eye captures them.


13 thoughts on “Shutters II: Another Oldie

  1. Your lineation here is awesome! I love the lines “double then recede with laughter,// little forms flitting by the embrasure// like unwary birds or small” – especially the image of the way children laugh and their movements like that of some unconscious, totally natural creature. Great poem 🙂

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