Shutters III


The third piece of a group of twelve written at a desk fronting shuttered windows. The series originally appeared in the anthology Terra Firma, and was first posted here in 2014.

Shutters III

As they rise we see the change
in motion, abstractions returned
like wingless birds at the edge of a garden

where only shadows grow. Or, closing,
the declination provides a glimpse:
false densities, sudden

claims to the wind’s eye,
a stuttering at twilight,
the symptom of another mistaken turn.

Their lines, divided and concealed.


25 thoughts on “Shutters III

  1. This reminds me somehow of Derek Mahon, not in the subject matter but the diction. Not that many poets will use a word like “declination.” And then in the midst of the abstraction is the concreteness and organic quality of “wingless birds at the edge of a garden.”

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  2. My 2 cents’: These work well with the spirit of the season, Bob. There’s just something sinister, Poe-esque even, and of course you as the writer created that atmospheric situation, with the growing shadows; wingless birds (humans? or some kind of abomination of a bird?); falsity; concealments; and so on. You make the mundane oh-so-interesting and lyrical!

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  3. i need to try something like this: pick an object & express as much as possible within the parameters set by that object. it is very clever this Robert, the choice of shutters offers so much potential & yet it is a single object. that so many variables should come out of the narrowness of 1 is astonishing really. this focus on the reality of becoming is better than belief.

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