Shutters VII


The seventh of a series of twelve. Originally published in the anthology Terra Firma in 2004.

Shutters VII

Wherein the glass changes hands and becomes
framed, failing, without reference
to resolve the internal process:

solid to liquid, the uncertain union
rendered in the idiom of
illumination, one’s transparent shade responding

to light, another’s subsumed, joined in
the essential plight of taste and
taster, preceding the other, but lost, alone.

From eye to lip, the inevitable differs.


32 thoughts on “Shutters VII

  1. This is excellent.
    My mind immediately turned to thoughts of glass blowing – of my thoughts of that glass blower while transforming his vision into something physical and whole, while I wonder what his thoughts are of the transformation from solid back to liquid and back again with the realization of his vision. Also as an observer, my thoughts of the transformation and of the relationship between creator and observer. Almost like this poem.

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