Shutters VIII


The eighth of a series of twelve, originally published in the anthology Terra Firma in 2004, with a reappearance on this blog in 2014.

Shutters VIII

Edges, rounded
and grown thick
as if to accentuate

the merit of flavor,
or to imply, beyond odor,
the sublingual text

of heat and degradation, the
eventual disposition attained
and perhaps forgotten.

Taste arrives, unannounced yet certain.


6 thoughts on “Shutters VIII

  1. Seems like this one should be in a foodie magazine or (I have a couple of these) pepper-recipe books. You have a way of teasing out the lyrical qualities of the elemental, everyday items and landscapes that is awe-ing, Bob.
    (In addition to your poetry) What I love–not with jalapenos, but green bells—was that one time I found a baby pepper growing inside the “mother” pepper. It looked like the parent pepper, only smaller, about nickel-sized but a decent replica. Nature doesn’t cease to boggle or inspire me.

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