Shutters X


The tenth of a series of twelve written at a shuttered window, and originally published in the anthology Terra Firma in 2004, with a reappearance on this blog in 2014.

Shutters X

Withering inside, it remains fixed
and free of device, the shadow’s carapace
dwindling with each

impulse. One word, one tremor,
and the regressions begin,
broaching the lamp in refusal of that

issuance to the end,
a victim of eloquence,
the precursor of the seed.

Returned to darkness, it waits in silent apogee.


9 thoughts on “Shutters X

    • My subconscious does take command of many of my poems. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know where the lines come from, and I just follow where they lead. I don’t believe the common threads in these poems attain any sort of resolution. They more likely split off and led to other questions, other threads that continue in today’s poems.


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