Shutters XI


The eleventh of a series of twelve written at a shuttered window. Originally published in the anthology Terra Firma in 2004, and posted here in 2014.

Shutters XI

Witness the blade’s completed arc,
or hailstones brought to earth,
acts refined and balanced in delivery,

the results, specious. The sweet
onion, too, relies on caution, but once
halved loses the attractive measure of

entirety, the unseen grace exposed,
reverting to a core, and deeper,
within the layered heart, laid to rest.

That it may end, and in return, begin anew.


25 thoughts on “Shutters XI

  1. Your poetry is beautiful and I found your Shutters anthology, in particular, very moving with the rich imagery and striking word placement. Thank you for bringing your words to the world and thank you for reading my blog/work as well. I look forward to your future posts and to perusing the archives!

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  2. I will never peel an onion again without thinking of this poem. I peel a lot of onions, I guess I might as well memorize it, both onions and memorization are good for the brain.

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  3. the very mention of onions & i begin to cry.
    Robert you have inspired me to do my own version of a single object study, using the form of Kim Chun-su’s short lyric poems. i will say no more.

    nice correlation between the layers of an onion & the individual slats of the shutter. you’ve done very well with so little, 12 poems from just sitting in front of shutters, a true poet of the mundane, which is no criticism.

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