Shutters XII


The final of a series of twelve, originally published in Terra Firma in 2004, and posted here in 2014.

Shutters XII

To, or for, in opposition, as in prayer,
as in declining an opened
space and accepting the edges’

offer, a history of minutes
held in abeyance. Limits unfold and present
options, remnants of incomplete

light, low clouds rising to reveal
a window’s apparition, the original eye
betrayed and released to reason.

Intent upon one, the others escape.


7 thoughts on “Shutters XII

  1. this seems personal, if evasive: “accepting the edges’ offer” seems to me to express your technique for writing a poem as does “the limits unfold and present / options” again, your method of sifting through the mind, allowing whatever is mined to work on the page, & to follow it to see where it might lead; a mostly unconscious motion. & though you have options, perhaps you are “betrayed and released to reason” also, you interest in numbers & knowledge, which may manifest the metaphor of shutters, the light pours in & sheds too much light, because reason & the edges are not joined, which makes the production of the poem more difficult, or more complex, but when the slats are fixed, are closed, you are in the dark hold of reason & the edges, where they come together & the production of poetry teems.

    i may be way off mark, but this is what sprang out at me after our conversations & my following the Shutters progress. Dylan Thomas when asked what his poems meant replied that it was not his job to provide that, it was up to the critic to produce meaning.

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    • Yes. No. Absolutely. Possibly, without a doubt. Which is my way of mostly agreeing with you. I never want to impose my intent upon readers (well, I do, but those pesky readers ignore my wishes), and have discovered that they’ll often find some astonishing meaning where I intended very little. So I try to not interfere. Of course I’m deliberate with words, and know what I want them to convey. It’s very mysterious, this process. Words appear, then a few others…

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      • Berryman in an interview talks about aa PhD student who asked him if the Dream Songs were about some superfluously erudite, psycho-mythic-judeo-buddhist-where-with-all & he said absolutely not, but she made a good case. it was a very interesting thesis he admitted.

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        • I remember an interview in which he mentioned an Assistant Professor asked for help in his quest to be promoted to Associate Professor (he wished to write about Berryman), and Berryman said something like “and I nearly flew out to pour drinks for him.” Ha.

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