A Poem from My Recently Published Micro-Chapbook has been Nominated for a Pushcart Prize


The editors of the Origami Poems Project have nominated “Parting from Wang Wei,” a poem from my recently published micro-chapbook, No Eye But the Moon’s: Adaptations from the Chinese, for a Pushcart Prize. Many thanks to Jan and Kevin Keough for this honor. The chapbook is available via free download from Origami Poems Project. And please peruse their site for other titles and folding instructions.


61 thoughts on “A Poem from My Recently Published Micro-Chapbook has been Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

  1. OMG! About ten seconds ago, as I sat down at my desktop, I glanced at your micro chapbook on the top of my pile accumulating just behind my keyboard (as my piles will do), and recited its title reverently in my head, its sonorous weight falling into me like a stone dropped into a still pond. I then opened my email, and this message popped up!

    I’m so thrilled for you, Sir Robert! You are sooo deserving of this honor, for so many reasons, not least that you are the unmatched master of unmasking silence, that we may perceive its precious, unsaid depths! Two Pushcart nominations (and counting…?) in one season!

    Brilliant, mi Amico!

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  2. Hi Bob, I am rereading some of your poetry and taking a walk through your blog.
    In September 2021 you wrote a poem for me when my friend Carol died. The link is gone, and I cannot find it via search. Can you help me please?
    Wishing to find you and yours well and healthy.


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