The Mathematics of Dying


The Mathematics of Dying

Always the sense of negation, of winnowing those bits you once were.

The male grackle struts and displays his tail feathers.

Everything slanting towards null, even the treetops.

The female’s smaller body lacks blue overtones.

A misread signal, the unheeded warning, ignored pain.

Counting beaks, adding wings, subtracting heartbeats.

The image I possess magnifies with age, observing protocol.

An annoyance or plague, their song grows harsher with time.

Your eleven shadows still point to the noontime sun.

* * *

“The Mathematics of Dying” is included in my mini-digital-chapbook, Interval’s Nightrecently published and made available via free download by Platypus Press in their 2412 series.


32 thoughts on “The Mathematics of Dying

  1. Your fantastic summations of meaning in a few lines always amazes me. I’ve not been frequenting WordPress as much these days, but I’m very glad to say that I read whatever I can of your work when I get the chance.

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