On Listening to Edgar Meyer



On Listening to Edgar Meyer

Smoke, and bent grass,
the earth rippling underfoot.
A child throwing stones
but never at random.
You wonder that one suggests
laughter, as a second draws tears.

Still, it drags you in.
Like water seeking its level,
a depression that must be fed.
You ride that deep current
never questioning its source,
complete in the moment. Filled.


Edgar Meyer’s music removes me from my body, transports me to another plane, one free of politicians and avarice, a place where truth matters. Today has been a good day to listen, to absorb. And hey, that fellow he’s playing with ain’t too shabby…

24 thoughts on “On Listening to Edgar Meyer

    • Thanks, Leslie. In 2000 I expressed a desire to expand my musical sphere, which consisted mostly of rock, some blues and folk. So my classically trained wife set out to do that. One of the first CDs she presented to me was Edgar Meyer’s Short Trip Home, which remains one of my all-time favorites, and which led me, a few years later, to take up the mandolin and learn how to read music, and opened up my world. Wonderful stuff.

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  1. Great poem…and I had dinner with “that fellow” in New York. I was filming a TV commercial for Rudy Giuliani’s 1997 mayoral campaign and he was filming a street scene for his movie Inspired By Bach. Each of our projects had food provided, so we stood there and chatted. He is REALLY nice, and we both love Bach. So he was a real treat to talk to.

    There is a picture of him and I up on my blog in the photo section on the left….

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