Recording of My Poem “Exile”




Having abandoned one, I claim the other.

Rain speckles the driveway.

Solitude pays its toll with unmet expectations,
thunder receding, clouds shriveling to dust.

The mockingbird chirrs its cricket tune
before flying to a higher perch.

What you call home I call diminishment.

What you surrender, I bundle and mail to strangers.




31 thoughts on “Recording of My Poem “Exile”

  1. That 4th stanza’s golden, Bob! And this post reminds me I have to send you (via e-mail) something! Let me find where I stored that info. And then I’ll go steal the word chirr and also higher perch for my writing. 🙂

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  2. Just before listening to this, I received an Audubon newsletter regarding birds that mimic – Mockingbird, Catbird, Blu Jay (now I know that a Blue Jay can mimic raptors and some songbirds). I’m pretty sure none of those would recite your poetry as well as you.

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