One night exhausts another,
layering sheets and blankets,
wrinkles and folds. Oh, the
body wants to still the mind,
and shedding this weight,
float freely through the night.
Your memory of sleep’s touch
withers as you lie there,
absorbing the fan’s pattern.
How wonderful, then, to finally
drift across the room and settle
in that relaxed corner, among the
cobwebs and shadows and those
frustrated hours now set aside.



53 thoughts on “Sleepless

  1. Thanks Robert. a wonderfully relevant poem for me at the moment, and beautifully and laconically worded. Shall be pinning this one on my bedhead, and read it before I go to sleep….along with the help of my pain killers….

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  4. insomnia is a challenge to conquer. I have learned not to eat carbs (like a cookie) at night ..which I thought would relax me but which only energized me. So now I am trying fats…like big heaps of healthy butter on a couple of crackers and that is relaxing me more. Drowsiness is such a sweet feeling.

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  5. I like this and I have to everything dark to get the best sleep and since I wake up sometime in the middle of the night I have to stumble to write lol.

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