Poem Featured at The Clearing


My poem “Prescribed” is one of three featured at The Clearing, a British online magazine focusing on landscape. I’m thrilled to have a piece  included. Thanks to editor Michael Malay for taking this one.

31 thoughts on “Poem Featured at The Clearing

  1. And perhaps true motives are always unknowable…
    A banner year for you publishing-wise (and well deserved) but I also love that you stand unbowed among all the MFAs that populate the published/art world. An inspiration for all of us without those pedi-degrees. (K)

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    • Even our own may be suspect! It’s been a remarkable year for publication, and one I’ll be hard-pressed to match. The best advice I ever received from a professor was “You don’t need a degree to write poetry.” The degrees help, especially in networking aspects regarding publication and awards nominations, but I believe that persistence and consistency can place the un-degreed on equal or near-equal footing.

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