Which particular wind curls through this dream of mountains
and books left opened? One that flicks pages or shreds
leaves while caressing your cheek? Or another, damp
and limp from envy, barely ruffling the night’s
curtain? In your sleep I am none of these,
relegated instead to unseen tremors or
the chill rasp of sparked surprise, a
tune laid across an unmade bed
in spring, its notes cluttering
the score. Or might I be the
stilled motion, eyes closed
and held taut, creased as
if worn by a pocket’s
rub and frequent
unfolding? This
is your clock.
the lie.



“Night” last appeared here in October 2016.

28 thoughts on “Night

  1. Good conclusion: Time the lie. But only because we create the illusion, time itself cannot be illusive because it is not defined in any way other than by something perceiving it. A society’s relationship to time, before a pocket watch, before a public clock other than the sun, & even time before a digital clock nearly every which way we look, would have been very different.
    It compartmentalizes us to divvy up the gradations of the sun into 24 digits.

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  2. Love the various traits of wind curling through dream. Flicking open book pages, shreds leaves, damp, limp, even envious. The subtleties of time and dream. Parsing out time in life — our attention to the clock — makes me feel the world is too much with us. It removes poetry from a day. Like other threads here, I found myself re-reading the poem. Great work, Robert!

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  3. My interpretation of this poem, and I want to know your thoughts on it Robert in case I am utterly wrong… Is one lover speaking to another, not directly of course, but they are both separate at night trying to fall asleep and the speaker of the poem is talking about how the memrozied are all dream like though he is not yet asleep… But how memories over time become tainted and unclear and over idealized and in that way become like dreams only partially true or reflections of things that may have once been true… And then for the audience, the other lover.. they see things from their own perspective… And in a way we as readers are also brought into this mix… And then at the end it is like both the other lover and us a readers are being invited to continue the lie, the dreamed r landscape of our tainted and clouded memories. Idk.. it was hard for me to put my interpretation into words and my guess is it varies from your original intent but I wanted to see your thoughts on it. And I loved this poem.

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    • I love your interpretation, Eva. Not wanting to intrude on others’ readings, I don’t like to comment on exactly what I intended a poem to convey, but I will say you’re not far off the track. 🙂 And thank you!


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