Autumn Winds (after Li Po)


Autumn Winds (after Li Po)

Clear autumn winds swirl
below the moon’s glow,
scattering the gathered leaves.
The startled crows return.
When will we see each other again?
This hour, this lonely night, my feelings grow brittle.

The transliteration on reads:

Autumn wind clear
Autumn moon bright
Fall leaves gather and scatter
Jackdaw perch again startle
Each think each see know what day
This hour this night hard be feeling

* * *

“Autumn Winds” last appeared here in May, 2016. I started the adaptation in the heart of summer, hoping that it would offer a respite from the unrelenting Texas heat…

Bird Fall MGD©

11 thoughts on “Autumn Winds (after Li Po)

  1. Hello Robert. There is a poem, I think by Li Poi, inscribed on the back of my pipa. If I sent you a photo do you think you might be able to direct me to a translation? I don’t even know the title and I’ve been playing that pipa for nearly 15 years! It’s a bit strange to have an intimate relationship with a musical instrument and not even know what’s written on her back.

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    • I don’t read Chinese, which is why I rely on transliterations, but I know several people who do. Please send the photo to robertokaji AT yahoo dot com, and I’ll try to find out.


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