A Personal Apology

Please remember that editors have lives, too. Matt Larrimore, editor-in-chief of Four Ties Lit Review, apologizes to his readers and submitters for the delay in publication of the next issue. Read why, and help out if you can (there’s a go fund me link).

Four Ties Lit Review

I want to personally apologize to all our readers and folks who have submitted to Four Ties Lit Review for Issue VII. I have not been able to devote the time I thought I would to the magazine over the last 3 weeks. We should be finished and announcing who has been accepted for publication. However, my wife and I have just moved from Norfolk VA to Fort Collins CO. In the process of that move, we’ve been the victims of fraud. Fraud perpetrated upon us by our moving company. The company was “adjusting” the price of clients moves after signing binding contracts with those clients, extorting money from those clients if they wanted to get their shipment delivered. This is a form of racketeering. A federal grand jury indicted 12 company employees on July 31st and at least 5 of them have been arrested. Authorities have identified at…

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10 thoughts on “A Personal Apology

  1. I feel very badly for them, Knowing how court cases drag on I hope it doesn’t takes forever for them to recover their property. If ever a publication had a valid excuse for lateness, this is it.

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    • A terrible break! Reading about it led me to think about what possessions I would miss the most if all were to vanish. It turns out that monetary value plays little part in my calculation, that emotional value is the most important factor. This is comforting, for some reason.


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