3 Poems Up at Right Hand Pointing

My poems “Self-Portrait as Hoot Owl,” “The Shadow Behind You” and “Self-Portrait as Compost” have been published in Issue 125 of Right Hand PointingThank you to editors Dale Wisely, Laura M. Kaminski, F. John Sharp and José Angel Araguz for taking this trio.

35 thoughts on “3 Poems Up at Right Hand Pointing

  1. A wonderful trio! Congrats, again!

    “Beneath the surface find warmth…” Yes! It’s so life-limiting to fear and dismiss the parts of us that are necessarily dying toward renewal. “Self-Portrait as Compost” is such a deliciously vitalizing subversion: here is not the image of a self-loathing wraith that the title might lead us to expect, rather it is one of a fearless realist full of all the juicy, messy, fertile, resilient stuff that constitutes a life well-lived.


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  2. Ok Robert, Congratulations !! (again), I’m on my way out to by a whole box of red wine, the one I’ve got left won’t be enough for the big party we’ll be having laterer on…. well done mate….

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