On Listening to Edgar Meyer


On Listening to Edgar Meyer

Smoke, and bent grass,
the earth rippling underfoot.
A child throwing stones
but never at random.
You wonder that one suggests
laughter, as a second draws tears.

Still, it drags you in.
Like water seeking its level,
a depression that must be fed.
You ride that deep current
never questioning its source,
complete in the moment. Filled.



Edgar Meyer’s music removes me from my body, transports me to another plane, one free of politicians and avarice, a place where truth matters. Today has been a good day to listen, to absorb. And hey, those fellows he’s playing with ain’t too shabby…


21 thoughts on “On Listening to Edgar Meyer

  1. “Like water seeking its level” is exactly how I feel searching for the right song to correct an unnatural day. This one will do today, for sure!

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  2. This is exactly how I feel about certain music I listen to. Sometimes I stop and ask myself if it’s normal to feel this deep and connected to a song. But then I remember that it’s also okay not to be ‘normal’.

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    • Anisha: to feel so deeply connected to something that you question whether it is normal or not is in itself normal. In fact, feeling “abnormally” connected to music is what musicians feel when they are playing at their best. As a professional musician for 40 years, there have been moments where I felt I wasn’t making music, but that it was coming through me from somewhere else, like I was a conduit through which the Universe was sending out some special thing, i.e. I was not the author of it, nor could I feel like I personally was great for playing it. In cases like that or listening to Edgar Meyer perform music that seems to occur in that same way, it is totally normal, such things happen in the world, just not maybe in the social circles you usually move in. But believe me, to feel “abnormal” is normal when exposed to Edgar Meyer! 🙂

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