Day Eight Poem: Another Sunrise, Another Moon

whale tail

Another Sunrise, Another Moon

I have no more lies to tell. Everyone
laughs when I say this, but I saw
the whale breach that day
and though nothing changed,
in that instant the world
stopped spinning and I rose
above that battle gray deck
to join the low clouds,
molecules fluttering,
cells dispersing, but only
for a flash,
before I came to,
22-years old
and finally, aware.

Texas lives in my rear-view mirror.
Could I have stayed on my land,
harvesting those sour persimmons
for jam, watching vultures soar,
napping in the heat of day
in hopes of observing cliff frogs
at night? Would that have been
a life? Would that have been enough?

I didn’t come here to die
but the possibility remains.
Will my ashes soil the streets
of Indianapolis? Soon the grass
will turn brown. Trees will bare
their branches to the wind’s icy
fingers. Snow will blanket
the cornfields, and I
will bake bread and pies.
Make pizza and rich stews.
Touch. Talk. Dream.
Sing. Read.

Another sunrise           another moon           which follows which?



* * *


Many thanks to Tara of Sacred Land Sage, who sponsored the poem and provided these three words: persimmon, nap, flutter. If you’d like to join in on the fun, see my September 5 post for sponsorship details. Give me a title, provide some words. Or think of another challenge! It’s all for a good cause: Brick Street Poetry, Inc. 

Tomorrow’s poem is written, with the sponsor’s approval, by special guest poet and budding superstar, Stephanie L. Harper, and is titled “Whoops!” Thank you, Jazz Jaeschke, for providing the title and these three words: trust, judge, puzzle.


14 thoughts on “Day Eight Poem: Another Sunrise, Another Moon

  1. Your whale episode is a powerful call-to-awareness … I can’t command awareness, but I can be open to its possible emergence at any moment. And I love your contrasting glimpses of Texas vs. Indiana … puzzling which might be sunrise, which moon … given my love for the moon, and the moon’s utter dependence on the sun … at any moment we each stand in transition of some sort (whether we can identify it or not!)

    Liked by 1 person

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