Exile (with recording)




Having abandoned one, I claim the other.

Rain speckles the driveway.

Solitude pays its toll with unmet expectations,
thunder receding, clouds shriveling to dust.

The mockingbird chirrs its cricket tune
before flying to a higher perch.

What you call home I call diminishment.

What you surrender, I bundle and mail to strangers.


“Exile” first appeared here in May 2017.

20 thoughts on “Exile (with recording)

  1. This line “The mockingbird chirrs its cricket tune / before flying to a higher perch.” – is wonderfully placed, it softens the last two lines, offers a redeeming higher perspective. And oh, those last lines, boy they’re powerful and poignant!

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  2. Wonderful recording – and I admire the strength to “exile” from “diminishment”.
    The last line kinda jumps out as broader context – possible implications … “mail to strangers” puzzles. [Nudge to clear my own clutter before I “surrender” to death … if I began today, would there be time to get it all bundled off to my choices of destinations?]

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    • One possibility of the “mail to strangers” line could be the act of submitting poetry. The poet gathers and “bundles” ideas, events, things, and sends them out. But of course there are other implications as well. 🙂

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  3. I am bundling this letter, and mailing it to you , although you are no stranger, more a Mockingbird on a higher perch …

    “From Above” (down here in Geelon)

    There is hope
    There is compassion
    There is love

    There in the hands of all that be

    From under the glorious wings
    Of my mythical dove
    I visualize calm seas and serene lands
    In this world’s cradle of love

    There lives hope
    There lives compassion
    There lives love

    There in the hearts of all that be

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  4. “Solitude pays its toll with unmet expectations” this is my favorite line. The reason it captured my attention is a bit out of context but it captured my attention because: solitude is often praised for being a main key on the road to success. But this line asks what if solitude never achieves the success or whatever you were promised that it would, is it still praise-worthy?

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