Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)


Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)

these stairs,

I resemble
a trout

in dry air,

another gasp
and a ratcheting

heart rate, up,
out, and through

that opening,
into the pale glow.


Maybe we’ll get back there someday…

2 thoughts on “Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)

  1. Can identify with the stairs pictured more than with the mountain. Even in my youth I’d’ve been unwilling to even try to climb Truchas! Yet, I will again next month be at 9000 ft near Cloudcroft NM … arriving via vehicle … chilling and grateful that bit of NM did not catch fire.

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  2. I remember that on my first visit there, I wondered what was wrong with me. Why was I out of breath after climbing one flight of stairs? Was it my heart? And then I realized, oh, 8,000 feet…


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