Scarecrow Replies

  Scarecrow Replies   This talk of destiny and exceptionalism and the incessant push towards terror inflames my metaphorical innards. Birds may kill, but they don’t practice genocide and never erase history’s missteps with published falsities; their songs remain true. … Continue reading

Letter to Marshall from the Scarecrow’s Pocket

  Letter to Marshall from the Scarecrow’s Pocket Dear Daniel: How fortunate we are to tap into this medium of ether and zeros and ones and all the combinations employed in our paperless context. I am drawn to the concept … Continue reading

Scarecrow Considers the Afterlife (with recording)

  Scarecrow Considers the Afterlife Gathering threads, I join them with a central knot, producing a sunburst flower or constellation of ley lines spreading forth and connecting their tenuous truths – megalith to fjord, solstice to dodmen and feng shui, … Continue reading