A poet considers the intersections of language and numbers, connections between disparate entities – the currents stirring within the Phoenician iteration of our letter M and the Japanese character for water, mizu, or the intertwined strands of solar wind and shadows, black-chinned hummingbirds and  coastal death rituals – all, of course, while contemplating good food and that most magnificent of elixirs, beer, which may have been the very foundation of civilization. Or not.

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  1. Hello there

    Thanks for the follow! How have you been and how’s your blog doing?
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  2. Thank you so much for your like on What Do We Hide! That was my first time posting on the Daily Prompt. I’m glad you liked it, means a lot! This is a wonderful site you have. I especially love your interview section. So inspiring to read.

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  3. Dear Mr. Okaji thankyou for reading my work…it was such a surprise…I have no idea as to how you came across it…but I am happy you did. Thanks again for introducing me to many poetry journals and collections of poetry online.

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  4. Thanks for liking my blog! That’s how I found yours. I don’t read much poetry, but yours is definitely intriguing. I love the photos. Did you take them all?

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  5. Hi Robert, just wanted to let you know The Blue Nib is back on stream after some serious re-writing and issues with staff. The site is now split into two sections. The Poetry Project which is an open site for all to post, has the usual bells and whistles, community/social features. The second part is the magazine which runs an open/frontend submission policy but all work is reviewed by editors before acceptance. I hope you come join and add some of your stellar work to both sites.


    Dave K

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  6. Hey Robert,

    Wanted to swing by and let you know I appreciate you sticking around over the years. I remember you liking a few posts of mine at least 3 years ago! I haven’t done the best at staying consistent, so it’s really nice to see a familiar profile.


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  7. Hi Robert, I have been enjoying your poetry for some time and would like to feature you and one of your poems–Two Cranes on a Snowy Pine–in From Every Moment a Second on my blog. I could not find any other way to contact you. Would you be amenable to this?

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  8. Robert – thank you so much for your like on Teaser #2 from my site Stories from Real Life. I am a newly published author and trying hard to get my name out there. Your like is very helpful

    PS – I like your site and will follow.


  9. Hi there!

    I noticed you liked my “What Does Being Asian-American Mean to You?” discussion prompt a while ago so I came to check you out. I really love the poetry you’ve posted here! I’ve also liked your post about Chinese poetry. Would you have any commentary to share on my blog about Asian art or poetry? Or simply a favorite Asian poem that you would recommend for my blog? I’d really appreciate any kind of help in getting my new site off the ground. Thanks so much!


    Anonymous Asian Gal

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  11. Hello, Robert! It’s Toad of Toad’s Dimensional Rift. Because I have an account that is free and public, wordpress does not allow me to ban or block troublesome individuals. There doesn’t seem to be a middle way where I post to the public but troublesome sorts can be handled without damaging my mental health. As a result, I’m shifting to dreamwidth.org. Even free accounts have STRONG BANNING POWERS! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Here’s the link. Nothing is yet switched over, but there will be content soon! https://toads-dimensional-rift.dreamwidth.org/

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  12. I want to say a big thank for contributing to THE VOICES. It is more than an honor to have your contribution. To empower your work on this journal, it is required that you send your profile and web link to our email info@giftedminds.com.ng
    The profile is not expected to be more than 300 words.
    (Please note; i tried to locate your email address but I could not get any)

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  13. I believe that I’ve left a comment here last 2015 with my poetry blog account. I am glad that you are doing well, and that you’re still continuing to share your pieces to us 🙂 More power to you, Robert and keep writing!

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