20 thoughts on “New Poem

  1. Just incredible, Robert. As I read this poem over and again, all sorts of feelings washed over me, the easiest to categorize…AWE!
    I’m honored to know you!



  2. Hey, Robert, really beautiful poem there. This immediately hit me as a poem that I would want to read once a month for a year, and see how it hits me as the seasons go their paces. It’s got some thing 1970s to it, something with a soundtrack by Ry Cooder, something unposed but poised like a great candid photo, and something else that I’m still working on figuring out which may take some time…which may be why I’m thinking of that re-reading idea.


    • There may be a blend of Pink Floyd with the Ry Cooder, tho these days Cooder would likely be more prevalent on my playlist. I started this piece in July of 2012, rewrote it in August, and let it marinate since then, finally returning to it a few weeks ago. I must admit that when I saw it on Aubade Rising I wondered whether I’d written some of the lines, they seemed so unfamiliar. I actually checked my drafts! And thanks once again for your comments. They are always deeply appreciated.


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