Stepping Aside, the Magic Still Happened

I spent half of Thursday video-conferencing with students from Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Virginia. We discussed poetry. The students, all sophomores, were incredible – bright, engaged, and very kind. I was honored to participate. Truly a highlight of the year. Their teacher, Heather Curran (oh how I wish I’d had a teacher as committed and interesting) reported this via her blog:

Poetry, journals, vents, and musings of a distracted woman

Anxiety will be the death of me.  I am convinced of this.  I will come up with a great idea for such-and-such a project, will start the process of going through the steps of getting the idea off the ground.  I’ll do the research, start the planning, buy the materials.

And then, all of a sudden, the final product is about to be revealed and I stop.  Dead.  In my tracks.  Insert as many cliches as you want.  I won’t finish off whatever it is that I am doing  because I am nervous that….

This is the part that destroys me.

I don’t even know what I’m nervous about.  But I am.  I am internally and emotionally cringing with wracking anxiety that something will….

I can’t even finish the sentence.  I don’t know if it’s about failure or some other nebulous point.  But the anxiety is there.

So many…

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21 thoughts on “Stepping Aside, the Magic Still Happened

  1. Bob, this is awesome, for both of you! WP has been an amazing way to interact with living, breathing poets. It’s awesome that you put yourself out there to Heather’s students. I didn’t see where I could comment directly to Heather, please tell her I wish that I could have had a similar opportunity in HS. Through you, she’s given her students the keys to understanding the importance of going with their own interpretations. Lovely on many levels!

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  2. Wonderful, Bob! Great to see you so creatively busy. I had a poet come to English class in either junior or senior year, and I wrote a horrible poem about water for it. I wish I could remember more about the experience, other than the feeling that poetry was still a complete mystery and I had so, so far to go to learn how to express myself lyrically. So, instead, I’ll say a heartfelt thank-you for doing this for today’s students. Anyone who says poetry is dead, is not honestly looking [very hard] for it.

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    • I’m fortunate to be able to devote so much time to poetry and writing. It’s taken many years to get here, and I don’t want to waste another minute. I never met a “real” poet until I was 24-years old, and at that time I couldn’t have named five living poets. Having the opportunity to discuss poetry with young people INTERESTED in poetry was amazing.

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  3. What a wonderful opportunity for you to spend that time with those students and their teacher, Robert. It must be very encouraging for them to have you as a poet there to share your creative talent and the art of poetry. Lovely to read and thanks for sharing!

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