* visiting Jeju w/ daniel paul marshall

I love it when one of my favorite poets writes about another favorite!

The Friday Influence

IMG_9433.jpg photo by Joey Rositano

This week’s post features a poem by Daniel Paul Marshall. Marshall writes about the Haenyeo, female divers from the Korean province of Jeju. The Hangul for the word, (해녀)roughly translates to sea women, and serves as the title for this poem.

When I informed Marshall I planned on featuring this particular poem, he was kind enough to share the following:

The tradition of the Haenyo, the lady divers of Jeju, sometimes mythologized as the mermaids of Jeju, dates back some 1500 years.Their tools, other than their updated wet suits, have not changed. They dive as a group, for safety & socializing. They dive in all weather, all seasons. Their strength & endurance to the elements is astonishing.Their shamanic traditions are dwindling from what i gather, their mean ages is 70 odd & the younger generation is not being trained in this ancient custom. 

This poem…

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18 thoughts on “* visiting Jeju w/ daniel paul marshall

  1. Thank you Robert. I lived in Korea ffrom 1974 to 1976 but never got to Jeju. Even then I saw traditions slipping away. The poem was lovely and the whole post was wonderful.

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  2. I didn’t realize you re blogged this. Thank you as always Bob. Thank you for your interest everyone. Please follow Joey as he doesn’t get much time to blog. He is currently preparing himself for a Tedx talk on Jeju shamanism but after this he told me he’ll be setting time aside to blog. He has some intense stories & a wealth of knowledge about Jeju. Thanks again everyone.

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