National Poetry Month: Make a Commitment

Luanne Castle’s post reminded me that it’s National Poetry Month here in the U.S. Celebrate!

Luanne Castle's Writer Site

National Poetry Month begins today! You can make a commitment to learning more poetry by deciding to read, write, or contemplate poetry every day in April.   The Academy of American Poets asks us to kick off the celebration by reading these poems about the art of poetry:

  Tweet me here which one you like best and why!
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12 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: Make a Commitment

  1. I commit to post a poem a day for April, either a new one from my hand and heart or one from a poet or import or historic fame. Poetry seizes the soul like no other form of writing. Release to poet within

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  2. So far, my favourite is Naomi’s – comparing a poem to a room. I’ve screenshotted that to inspire me this week in many aspects of life – create, sculpt a little, let it fly free into someone else’s home for them to make meaning … Antidote to the agony of trying to make something ‘perfect’

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  3. Thanks for this, Robert Okaji. I just finished one poem, am working on a second, and plan to keep writing one after another all this months. Didn’t know it was National Poetry Month, just felt inspired to write more. Must be the appearance of spring leaving me with the feeling that I’ve just been released from the prison of a Sapporo winter.

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