The “Hidden” Secret of The Creative Process…

In this insightful and entertaining post, Daniel Schnee offers glimpses into the creative process.

Dr. Daniel Schnee

The “Hidden” Secret of The Creative Process

Recently, the poetic Robert Okaji e-mailed me and asked if I would write a post on how one goes about being creative, engendering the maximum of individuality in the creative process, etc.

First of all, it is rather humbling that Okaji, being as skilled as he is would want to know my opinion on the matter.  But, the beauty of creativity is that we are all so different and have such unique “ways and means”: behaviors and locations in which we can maximize potential and minimize our creative obstacles, or the financial parameters in which we desire to or must work, etc. We can all at least add a perspective, and here is mine.

In analyzing my “Process” years ago, defined as “how I go about making what I consider my best work”, I discovered the following: I preferred doing all…

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