Isacoustic first print journal: my first sales pitch

Presenting the someday-to-be Nobel laureate, Daniel Paul Marshall! 😁

Daniel Paul Marshall

Barton Smock has cobbled together a selection of 16 poets for his inaugural print of the Isacoustic flock. i have read through it & can vouch for the quality of every poet. i am very glad to be included, especially seeing as, i am featured alongside Robert Okaji & Tim Miller, good friends as well as fine poets. You can purchase a copy for the small sum of $6 here at Lulu.

Now i know what you are thinking: “I can just read it online.” Correct. However, picture this scenario. By this time, i have won the Nobel Prize in Lit. Naturally, following from this, i am on the syllabus of every university (major & minor) in the world. Your college faced child asks you about me, because i have become their hero & they are studying the Millennials & you say “well… y’know, i have somewhere a copy…

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