This elegy/ode is a must read for all you coffee drinkers!

Meditatio Ephemera


Always you, until this morning.

You on the day breaking fair,
the enormous earth singing up
the sun through the soft, small
mouths of a hundred finches.

You on the day dawning foul,
my mind already choked by
ashen apparitions of all that
should not have happened.

Always you.

The throaty sound of your work commencing,
coaxing my ears from fitful sleep,
the water warming and pulsing
through the rich black grounds
that call me to begin, again.

All my life, only you knew how
to make the bitter sweet.

Oh, your fragrant breath,
your dark embrace of the awakening tongue!
Oh, your unflagging confidence,
contagious to my being:
Only drink, and this day
you can rise.

Always you.

You on the days the lover left,
and returned, and left.
You on the days the kittens played;
you on the days
the old cats died.

Always you, through
the births…

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17 thoughts on “Elegy

  1. Hello Robert, thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog. I really appreciate this. If you hadn’t I would not have discovered your blog. I have just started to follow your poems and enjoy them very much. I also like the image of the pine tree fruit on your About section. It speaks to me as the fruit we collect after having planted our seeds of creation. Also, your text below is a good poetry introduction. This elegy here is beautiful even for non-coffee drinkers like me (well, I could only drink decaf because I am a too nervous and energetic person, haha!). The whole poem sounds musical to my ears and the images are all well crafted. As a reader I perceive this elegy with all my senses with words like “The throaty sound of your work commencing”, “the water warming and pulsing”, “fragrant breath”, “your dark embrace of the awakening tongue!”. I like how you personify coffee that somehow becomes a character to help you out in life. Loved it!

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