7 thoughts on “Consider the Hand

  1. Robert, Thank you for being the first ever to comment on my blog. Especially since you are a real poet and I, merely a wannabe. How closely do you follow your Japanese roots? Our family is a Pacific-Rim one. We’ve been to China once, Japan twice and Hawaii five times, but never Europe. My son Jake obsessed on all things Japanese while in high school then was chosen, while a BSCS major at California State University Stanislaus, to go on a year’s sabbatical and study Liberal Arts at Waseda University in Tokyo. He now lives in Roppongi Hills with his Japanese wife, Shoko and works for Google in a high rise that he walks to every morning. We spent two weeks with them in Tokyo and Kyoto just this Christmas. I joke and now say that I am the Patriarch and Chieftain of Clan Kerr, Pacific Rim Branch. I’m a Software Configuration Management consultant, presently on a contract in Baltimore. My wife and I criss-cross the continent frequently following these contracts, go through Texas often. Maybe we’ll drop by someday. Meantime, I’ll be following your blog. Enough about me. Your work speaks to me your blog is a treasure trove and I’ve just explored the first layer of doubloons.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Vernon. Like many writers, I work in solitude, so hearing that the work connects with someone, somewhere, is deeply gratifying. In reply to your question, at times I identify closely with my roots, but sometimes I feel quite estranged. A bit of a balancing act, I suppose, with multi-generational threads in play.


  2. I still count on my fingers only now I use them to measure off the syllables for iambic pentameter sonnets. Great poem! 🙂


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