Draft: Valentine’s Day Sonnet


If You Were a Guitar

If you were a guitar I would play you
till my fingers grew rough from your body’s
touch, till the moisture in the clouds withdrew
and only music rained down. But what breeze

could retain your voice? At night my hands would
dream new chords of light and air, of pearl and
flesh and warm breath suspended over wood.
And as we slept our bodies would demand

completion, and the space would diminish
till nothing lay between us but the sly
notes singing through our veins, replenish-
ing each other’s thirst. When I say hope, I

mean you. When I whisper nothing, my
silence shouts your name. Each breath. Every sigh.

41 thoughts on “Draft: Valentine’s Day Sonnet

  1. she must not have marshmallow skin. lol 🙂

    This is sooo pretty!!…a couple of lines really captured me!


    “when i whisper nothing my silence shouts your name”…sometimes i think it is the mind that drives the heart and not vice versa, like we’ve always been told. What do you think?


    • It doesn’t feel quite right in the mouth, tastes a bit clunky. But it seemed appropriate for the day, so I posted it despite its unfinished state. We’re influenced by many factors, but I believe that in the end the mind drives us (though perhaps unknowingly).


  2. First, thank you for stopping by and liking “Cents and Sensibility.”

    About your Draft: Exquisite, soft, and romantic. As a singer, I often thought that I would like to be a guitar in my next lifetime, as long as I was owned by a passionate player. Strange, but true. Powerful!


  3. I’m thinking in the spirit of the extended metaphor:
    Even in the silence of a lost whisper the strings of you still vibrate…

    notes singing through our sinews, plucking
    each other’s strings.

    …when I whisper
    you are resonant…
    …every breath and every sigh
    sings the chord of our name


  4. wow, this is beautiful. I am not a huge poetry reader, but this grabbed me from the first line and held me throughout. Nice work!


  5. beautiful. you’re not afraid to make poetry your own by pushing boundaries of what poetry ‘should look like or be’ – good job.


  6. someone up above said: ‘this is not a draft, it is perfect.’ I’m going to readily agree with that assessment… superb!


  7. Great to read verse playing with traditional forms. And nothing wrong with putting away in a drawer for a while. We writers know if can help us make occasional small improvements to what seemed good to start with. Best wishes,


  8. This is hella good. Saw this and followed your blog immediately. A very wonderful piece. If you think you can make it better, by all means, make it the real deal rather than a draft, but I love it as is. 😀


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