We presume affliction by census,
whereas light

requires no faith.
Is the roofless house a home? When you call
who answers? The vulture

spreads its wings
but remains on post. Shifting,
I note minute of angle, windage. No

regrets, only tension. Breathe in. Exhale.


25 thoughts on “Gaza

  1. Troubling. But if I understand anything of history, inhumanity, and hatred, this is the world we will always have until the heavens and time are rolled up like a scroll. (Isaiah 34:4, Revelation 6:14).

    Precision poetry, Bob. Very well conceived and executed.



  2. ‘is the roofless house a home?’ That really made a hole in my heart 😦 . This one line has summed it all Robert! I wonder at the game-plan of this universe…but I hope that the pattern that emerges in the end will have meaning and love…


  3. You write Gaza, I read Plane Crash. The clarity in your imagery seems tapped from some universal vein. As much as your words are timeless and beyond any specific location, they’re also very, very scary. In this context, “Breathe in. Exhale. Again.” sounds positively terrifying. It almost seems impious to let you know that your writing is breathtaking. But it is.


  4. Masterful poem, Robert. The intro, in my view, comes in like a lion: “We presume affliction by census” (maybe it’s those big 3 Latinate words), and the more I think about the lion-like line, the more I love it. Census = an accounting of the living and, by its nature, the no-longer-living (from one census to the other and in the way that the census serves as a basic archival device or surface-level memory-keeper of sorts). The situation in Gaza is so very distressing, and I’m forcing myself to follow the news on it; I hope it can be resolved soon and, as you said, we human beings can at least transcend the violence temporarily if not for longer.


  5. Heartrending! But….inspiring! The roofless home, the waiting vulture, the silent witness ( you ) all bring home the One Reality…it’s a circle ( can’t call it ‘vicious’) Creation, Preservation and it has to change! The Infinite and the finite, Time & Timelessness both are juxtaposed subtly in your verses! Profound!


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