In Praise of Rain


In Praise of Rain

Which is not to say lightning or hail.
Sometimes I forget to open the umbrella

until my glasses remind me: Wake up, you’re
wet! If scarcity breeds

value, what is a thunderhead worth
in July? A light shower in August?

Even spreadsheets can’t tell us.


69 thoughts on “In Praise of Rain

  1. We get tons of rain in Britain, but in July it was hot and dry for weeks and my garden was sooo thirsty..I was really wanting rain and one day the heat broke and it rained. It was a relief! Usually us Brits are tired of rain!

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  2. I think a spreadsheet could be used to estimate its value- variables being water source, distance to water source, period in drought, El Niño approach, climate change policy or lack thereof in the region, degree of wastage in domestic/industrial/agricultural use, quantity exported/imported inherent in agriculture and manufacturing and production of services etc…then once you work out its value, multiply by infinity. Nice poem!

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  3. Mmmm, what is that first fat drop on cracked drought-stricken soil worth?

    I love the rain because it means I have a legitimate excuse to stay inside. I love the rainy season, just about monsoonal here. Thunderstorms every night.

    I just don’t like getting wet.


    • I appreciate your kindness. That Cummings poem has some wonderful lines: “…as when the heart of this flower imagines / the snow carefully everywhere descending.” Thank you for reminding me of it.


  4. I got to your blog through your like left to one of my posts, which I thank you for.
    Liked the poem, its philosophical simplicity made me think of a haiku, while at the same time it has the tone of a casual chat between people who briefly meet and do the most British thing of all: talk about the weather!

    As a Romanian living for three years in the UK; I have enjoyed this summer the most: hot, dry, sunny. But now even I start missing rain and the overwhelming embrace of autumn.

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  5. I walked miles in pouring rain because of my addiction to drugs. I’ve been clean for over four years. Now when I see rain sometime I praise in tears of gratitude remembering where I come from. Thanks for reminding me how spiritual rain is.


  6. I’m a fan of snow, too. We don’t get enough of it here in Seoul, and when it rains–which is mainly in monsoon season, it literally does POUR–although, as in many places, we’ve been getting less rain lately. Why am I saying “we”? I’m not even Korean! Clearly, I’ve been here too long. Thanks for the wonderful poem, and for liking my blog post.


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