One of my favorite poets has written a guide to haiku! To see how it’s done, read the book. It’s worth triple the price!

Haiku Odyssey

ANNOUNCING MY NEW BOOK — The Complete Guide to Writing Haiku

Some of you have already seen this announcement, and I promise not to smack you in the face with it every day or so.  I hope to figure out soon how to put a small ad in the columnar data on the right side so that this shameless marketing by post is no longer necessary.

I’m also taking this opportunity to ask for your help in reblogging this post and any other that has to do with the new book.  Please?   For those of you who may have read the first announcement and may be tempted to skip over the rest of this, let me remind you that the link below will lead you to some really interesting facts about the author.  (At least *I* think it’s interesting!)

Now the announcement.


I have the pleasure of announcing the…

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12 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING MY NEW BOOK — 03242015-2

      • Hey, Bob — Can’t thank you enuff for the reblog! Lots of your folks dropped by, said “hi,” and pulled the old “like” switch. You’re the best! Oh, SmashWords notifies me whenever one of my books sells but doesn’t say “who” made the purchase. But I’d bet my bottom dollar it was you! Many thanks! 🙂

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      • Years ago, my wife and I celebrated “haiku Wednesdays,” during which we would communicate by email only via haiku. As you might imagine, most of what we sent couldn’t be considered true haiku. But they were often hilarious “seventeeners.” All this is to say that I probably won’t be posting any haiku in the near future. 🙂


  1. Awwwww, c’mon! Pweeeze! You can do it…I know you can! Just give it the old college try! Maybe just dust off/rework one of those family haiku note-thingies! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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