DRAFT: Life among the Prickly Pear


Life among the Prickly Pear

Rain’s twofold curse: not enough,
too much. Still, I take comfort
even among the thorns.
There is much to like here.
Its moonlight flowers.
Paddles fried with minced garlic.
Wren’s jubilant shriek.
The fruit’s red nectar.
After a long day I saw it rise
and walk two steps to the west,
uphill, our burdens shared
yet apart. I woke to distant
screech owls purring their desires
on separate slopes. Late spring,
storms on the way, a warning.
I close my eyes and the creek rises.


33 thoughts on “DRAFT: Life among the Prickly Pear

  1. The prickly pear are just coming into bloom here in the Ozarks so your poem is well timed for me! I was surprised to find these alluring, prickly beauties here when I moved from Arizona more than a decade ago, but so glad to have them on my daily walking route and also grateful for your lovely words.

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  2. Bob, when I was a boy, I spent a summer with an aunt and uncle in the panhandle of Texas. There I spent most of my time making a red-ant killer. The main ingredient was mashed-up prickly pear cactus. It worked gr888!

    The second ingredient was gasoline. *grin*


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