The Trains I Know


The Trains I Know

The trains I know
seek solitude
in darkness,

they wear
wind and cold
with pride,

are never
Sometimes they

sing too loud,
or mourn
harshly a

star’s fall, but
they never
deny their

purpose: to
draw between
and connect,

to witness and
serve, to bear
and endure

our unsought
to the end.


64 thoughts on “The Trains I Know

  1. I miss the trains I used to take to work when we lived in the Chicago metro area. Slept on the trains on the way to work. Was safer back in 1997. Would not dare sleeping on them now!

    The switches on the tracks would sometimes freeze up. Made getting around a little more difficult during the height of winter. Remember the snow plows on the engines cutting through several feet of snow at a time! Was fun to ride.
    Jeanette Hall

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  2. Trains of thought! ha! just noticed a comment above said the same thing! I love the first photo- morgue files? You have a knack for matching your photos to your poems like a sommelier matches cheese to wine. I discovered morgue files through your blog but I find I spend far too much time trying to find an image that isn’t too literal.

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  3. You know me and trains, RO; you had me at the title alone. 🙂 Mostly I hear freight trains too but I’m about to hear that song from the inside again in exactly one week from today, so this has pushed my readiness up another notch. A poem almost always comes of those trips; hard to resist!

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