Jackboy’s Lament


Jackboy’s Lament

We define ourselves in movement,
in the uncertain light and forms

shuddering by: fences, the nameless
wave, odors, dark water.

Look at the hills, their lines stretched taut like
smiles, or voices torn from the earth.

Or the creek below us – how its mouth never closes
yet nothing emerges but a shadow

on the wind. Two questions arise,
leaving only the abandoned to consider.

In our solitude, only my self is missing.

I started this piece about ten years ago, after a drive through the Texas hill country with Jackboy the cattledog, who was quite the philosopher and humorist. This is what emerged after several conversations and much reflection over his circumstances (abused, abandoned, rescued). Jack didn’t talk much, but he thought. Oh, how he thought.

It has been sixteen months. We still miss him.


65 thoughts on “Jackboy’s Lament

  1. My childhood friend and most trusted companion passed away back in the 1980’s and I still miss him to this day…may both their celestial playgrounds be positively littered with interesting smells, squirrels and running water to stare at in silent contemplation.

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  2. Bob, oh, how I love reading your reflections on Jackboy. He was a beauty and, I feel like from what you’ve described, an old soul. He does look very contemplative, and a wonderful companion to boot. For what it’s worth, our companion pets, I feel like, never leave our sides, we who are kind and loving toward them. Beautiful poem, and, once again, I’m truly sorry for your loss of Jackboy last year.

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  3. These important parts of ourselves, when taken, the pain is always felt. We go about our lives and we find things to laugh and smile about, but in these times of solitude when they were there for us, we miss them the most. it’s been 4 years since my Pugsley passed over and times when I still cry at his absence in my daily life. My deepest sympathies to you.

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  4. He’s a beautiful dog. I understand too well what you’re feeling.

    As for the poem- your line breaks are to die for. Your feelings are so genuine, and I admire you for talking about something that can be very hard. I extend virtual hugs to you ;-; and I’m grateful that we get to share this experience with you through your words.


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  5. Sorry for the loss of your dog, and for the chats you had and miss. Dogs can be great philosophers.
    There are certain animal companions–whether they are dogs, cats, horses–that are truly special and that touch our lives so profoundly that we will always miss them.

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  6. Touching, haunting, soothing, your ode to Jackboy evoked beautiful memories of my canine and feline family waiting for me in the great Beyond. Please accept my belated condolences on your loss of your beloved doggie, Jackboy.

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  7. Aww this is so special to me. I remember my past loves and I still think of them as family and not ‘dogs’ or ‘pets’ they were my lil babies with their little personalities. May solace find you in your darkest of places with fond memories!

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