Day Five, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, August 2016

bus stop

My poem “The Bus Stops Here” has been posted among today’s offerings of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (9 poets have agreed to write 30 poems apiece in 30 days, to raise funds for Tupelo Press, a non-profit literary publisher). Many thanks to Jim Feeney, who provided this title and also last year’s “Never Drink Anything Blue.”

The Bus Stops Here

Your mind is a county fair
but the entrance shifts

every time I approach, and
the rides fade or hum away…

Click here to see the rest of the poem.

Tomorrow’s poem, “The Trees Burn at Midnight,” was sponsored by Charlotte Hamrick, who also sponsored last year’s “With Summer’s Purpled Awe.”

Title sponsorships and 3-word sponsorships are still available. And remember, you can combine the two to force me to use not only your title, but also three words that I’d likely not use on my own. And can anyone challenge last year’s co-winners of Worst Title in the History of the 30/30 Project, Ron, Plain Jane and Mek?*

The  sponsored poems are a blast to write, and the titles lead me to poems I’d not otherwise conceive. If you’re inclined to sponsor a poem, Donate to Tupelo, and please let me know as soon as possible what your title is or which three words you’ve foisted upon me.

If you can’t think of a title, Think Dink! A $30 donation will get you my 2015 chapbook If Your Matter Could Reform, Barton Smock’s Infant Cinema, Jamie Hunyor’s A New Sea, and Tim Kahl’s full length book, The String of Islands, thanks to the generosity of Dink Press founder and editor Kristopher Taylor!  A limited quantity is available, so order earlier rather than later.

For information on sponsorships (and my other incentives), click here.

Thank you for supporting poetry! Only 25 poems to go!

* The titles are, respectively, “Calvin Coolidge: Live or Memorex,” “Your Armpits Smell Like Heaven,” and “Reduce Heat and Simmer Gently Without Cloud Cover, Till Sundown. Serves 2 – 7 Billion.” “Nose-Picking Reese’s Hider” is definitely a strong contender for this honor.

15 thoughts on “Day Five, Tupelo Press 30/30 Project, August 2016

  1. “Your mind is a county fair, but the entrance shifts…”

    How am I supposed to go about my day getting stuff done when you keep on killing me with these great lines?! I couldn’t even walk down an aisle at Ikari to buy a single darn radish without mentally meandering off into a reverie of Okaji lines floating through my head. 🙂

    You are making my life amazing but are significantly interfering with my radish shopping….先生!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Robert, I just donated 20. for a poem critique. What happens now? How do I get my peoms to the editor. Sorry for using this comment box for the question. I’ve been searching this sight and can’t find your email address. Hope to hear soon./ Thanks, Karen

    Liked by 2 people

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