Robinson Jeffers (11 Poems)

I am so pleased to have followed Tim Miller’s blog. Today he has posted eleven Robinson Jeffers poems, leading me to wonder why I’ve neglected Jeffers for so long. It’s time to return.

jeffersRemember when poets made the cover of Time magazine? For probably intersecting reasons, poetry and the public have both failed each other, so that the reputations of people like Robinson Jeffers have pretty much disappeared. But read any of the following poems aloud, and see if you don’t hear something brutal, beautiful, and essential.

Because he spent most of his life in Carmel, California (and built his home, Tor House, on the coast), Jeffers is usually called a “California poet” or an “environmental poet,” but both labels do his universal vision a grave injustice. More at home with Greek and Latin than many of his “Modernist” peers who tried the same pose, he showed it was possible to write seriously, and powerfully, about the difficulties of history and modern life without resorting to the impenetrable difficulty of other poets then and since (no matter how eloquently…

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29 thoughts on “Robinson Jeffers (11 Poems)

  1. i never heard of him until i read Tim’s To the House of the Sun & he puts Jeffers to good use there. Tim’s writing on history & religion is very thoughtful too, always impartial, & delivered confidently but without any vitiating over tones, which would be easy for him to justify based on the depth of his sources.

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